Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tanya Hamilton discusses "Night Catches Us"


"Night Catches Us" Director: Black Panther Movement Was "Fundamentally Important"

"Night Catches Us" Director: Black Panther Movement Was "Fundamentally Important"

Janet Donovan/ NITESIDE 
Indie film "Night Catches Us" writer/director Tanya Hamilton, whose debut film opens at The West End Cinema today, worked on the film for nearly 10 years before it was brought to the big screen. She dished to Niteside about the film, the Black Panther movement and what it has taught us.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Amb. of Canada and Winnie the Pooh

Mike Mosettig and Ambassador Gary Doer

The odds that the Ambassador of Canada could be seen strolling through the State Department with an over-sized Winnie the Pooh in tow decked in Canadian Olympic mittens are probably very slim; but that was the case on Monday afternoon when Gary Doer went to a meeting with Hillary Clinton and on advise of staff he appropriately brought a toy for tots.  “It was a very constructive meeting,” he relayed to guests at his Christmas party following the meeting, albeit admitting the gawking that ensued to be awkward.

While the stylish and charming Ambassador, a popular figure on the diplomatic scene, gave warmth to a very chilly evening, it was indeed  marred by the pending outcome of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s emergency surgery, of particular interest to media guests who were frequently checking their electronic devices.  For guest Mike Mosettig,  who works the Foreign Policy beat for Jim Lehrer of The Newshour, it was of particular importance.

Yesterday, Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs issued condolences on behalf of the Canadian Government.
“Canada worked very closely with Ambassador Holbrooke in his role as special advisor on Afghanistan and Pakistan to find meaningful, durable solutions to problems in this troubled region. His recent efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan are an inspiration to all of us.

Mr. Holbrooke was a trusted friend of Canada. We valued his views and counsel on the many issues that brought Canada and United States together to promote our common values in a world fraught with conflict and fragility.”

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Piers Morgan on Madonna

Piers Morgan Bans Madonna From New CNN Show
11 minutes ago

Piers Morgan Bans Madonna From New CNN Show

Newly anointed CNN host Piers Morgan who is set to take over talk show Larry King's spot this January said he's already decided to ban one guest: Madonna. Read More
BY Janet Donovan

Monday, December 13, 2010

Life After Office

Janet Donovan/ NITESIDE 

The former UK Prime Minister, attending a book party for his new tome "Beyond the Crash" with his wife Sarah Saturday night at The Jefferson Hotel, addressed his "involuntary" exit from office with typical British humor.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

By the People

Presidency Has Taken Its Toll on Obama, Says Docu Director

Janet Donovan/NITESIDE
Filmmaker Alicia Sams, who documented President Obama's journey from the campaign trail to the White House, said the commander in chief walked into a "huge mess" when he began his tenure and he now appears more tired than he did on the trail. She dished to Niteside a day ahead of the premiere of her documentary "By the People: The Election of Barack Obama" presented by AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Graham Moore celebrates first novel.

Son of First Lady's Chief of Staff Feted for First Novel

Son of First Lady's Chief of Staff Feted for First Novel
Getty Images
First-time author Graham Moore, son of Michelle Obama's chief of staff Susan Sher, was feted by so many high-level administration guests Monday night it felt like the White House had temporarily changed address.
Longtime pals of Sher and her 28-year old son gathered at the home of Hilary Rosen last night and shared their pride in and congratulations with the Columbia grad for the publication of "The Sherlockian." The party was hosted by Rosen, Anita Dunn, Anne Fleming, Rhoda Glickman, Tammy Haddad, Valerie Jarrett and Anita McBride.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Alan Simpson speaks out at The Monocle

U.S. Is Headed the Way of Ireland, Says Obama Adviser Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson

Janet Donovan/NITESIDE
Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming, who served as co-chairman President Obama's fiscal commission, dished to Niteside about the current state of the Congress last night at the 50th Anniversary of The Monocle, Washington's destination for members. Never one to mince words, the ever-quotable Simpson sounded off on the current state of the nation: "They need to give up the fun and games. ... If they don't get off their butt and do it, we're headed for the cli

Teachers "Virtually Have to Commit a Felony"

Docu Film Director: Teachers "Virtually Have to Commit a Felony" to Lose Jobs

Janet Donovan/NITESIDE
Bob Bowdon has done just about every media job you can think of: talk show host, producer, commentator, writer and now film director. His new documentary, "The Cartel," is raising eyebrows in the world of education. He attacks our system head on and speaks out against unions that he says are hurting national efforts to educate kids.

Will Durst headlines Funniest Celebrity in Washington

Funniest Celebrity in Washington

White House Speechwriter Jonathan Lovett Is the Funniest Celeb in D.C.!

Janet Donovan/NITESIDE
Satirist Will Durst and comedian Alabama headlined the 17th Annual Funniest Celebrity in D.C. event last week to benefit Fisher House Foundation, which supports military families. White Housepresidential speechwriter Jonathan Lovett, who did a smashing impersonation of Arianna Huffington took home the top prize.