Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Amb. of Canada and Winnie the Pooh

Mike Mosettig and Ambassador Gary Doer

The odds that the Ambassador of Canada could be seen strolling through the State Department with an over-sized Winnie the Pooh in tow decked in Canadian Olympic mittens are probably very slim; but that was the case on Monday afternoon when Gary Doer went to a meeting with Hillary Clinton and on advise of staff he appropriately brought a toy for tots.  “It was a very constructive meeting,” he relayed to guests at his Christmas party following the meeting, albeit admitting the gawking that ensued to be awkward.

While the stylish and charming Ambassador, a popular figure on the diplomatic scene, gave warmth to a very chilly evening, it was indeed  marred by the pending outcome of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s emergency surgery, of particular interest to media guests who were frequently checking their electronic devices.  For guest Mike Mosettig,  who works the Foreign Policy beat for Jim Lehrer of The Newshour, it was of particular importance.

Yesterday, Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs issued condolences on behalf of the Canadian Government.
“Canada worked very closely with Ambassador Holbrooke in his role as special advisor on Afghanistan and Pakistan to find meaningful, durable solutions to problems in this troubled region. His recent efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan are an inspiration to all of us.

Mr. Holbrooke was a trusted friend of Canada. We valued his views and counsel on the many issues that brought Canada and United States together to promote our common values in a world fraught with conflict and fragility.”