Tuesday, March 22, 2011

'Monogamy': Scarier Than You'd Think

'Monogamy': Scarier Than You'd Think
Courtesy of Oscilloscope Films
Anxiety and boredom, not to mention clandestine attractions, beg to tear a couple apart prior to their impending marriage in "Monogamy."

In the film, Academy Award-nominated Dana Adam Shipiro (for his documentary "Muderball") chronicles a couple on the brink of disaster. Wedding photographer Theo (Chris Messina), makes it perfectly clear to the audience that he is bored to death with his situation -- so much so that it if "Subgirl" (Meietal Dohan) hadn't come along, Theo's boredom might have had the same effect on the audience.

Subgirl is a tantalizing exhibitionist who hires Theo to capture her voyeuristic antics on camera. While she's good for the viewers, she's not so good for Theo's fiancée Nat (Rashida Jones). The movie is a portrayal of everyday life in slow motion with a twist at the end.
Niteside caught up with co-director/producer Shapiro -- also a former Spin Magazine editor -- who explained the flick this way:  http://www.nbcwashington.com/blogs/niteside/Monogamy-Scarier-Than-Youd-Think.html