Sunday, May 01, 2011

Here's looking at you kid.

CEO & Chairman of the MPAA Chris Dodd

It would have taken a Herculean effort to transport the 16 pound goodie bag offered to guests at the Time, CNN, People, Fortune party at The St. Regis over to The MPAA soiree only a block away, so most guests doing the duel event cabbed it.

Former Senator Chris Dodd, newly appointed Chairman and CEO of The Motion Picture Association of America, held an intimate and elegant party to jump-start his new career.  He replaces Dan Glickman, Former Secretary of Agriculture under President Clinton, who replaced veteran MPAA head Jack Valenti. 

Hollywood’s chief lobbyist had the support of big time donors Barbara Streisand, Sony's Howard Stringer and Time Warner's Jeffrey Bewkes during his presidential bid, so we expect he’ll earn his salary.

Seen: Wolff and Lynn Blitzer, Senator Patrick Leahy, Nicole Boxer, Soroush and Nancy Bagley Shehabi, Ann Compton and Greta van Susteren with spouse John Coales, sans the Palins.

Nicole Boxer Mary Ann Akers and Michael Isikoff  

John Coales and Bill Press

Gwen Ifill and Karen Tumulty