Monday, February 15, 2010

Party like a Canadian


Winter Olypmics, Canadian Embassy

Party Like a Canadian: A Guide 

to the Olympics Party 

at the Embassy

Party Like a Canadian: A Guide to the Olympics Party at the Embassy
Tricia and Chris
Tricia Messerschmidt and radio talk show host Chris Plante were among those at the opening ceremonies bash for the Winter Olympics hosted by Ambassador Gary Doer at the Canadian Embassy over the weekend. 

Though no prior knowledge of French or poutine was required to enjoy the festivities, there were, however, rules of engagement: 
  • Pick up a pair of complimentary wool mittens available at the entry gate
  • Indulge in a cup of Canadian fries smothered in cheese curd and gravy (a.k.a. poutine)
  • While in the food line, ask to have as many variations of pasta as possible -- especially anything that included lobster
  • In the beer line, be sure to order Molson Coors
  • Play the Wii challenge
  • Pose in front of the street signs for photo opps
  • Watch the snowboarders do tricks on the trampoline
The Washington Note Steve Clemons 
Newshour's Mike Mosettig and Christina Sevilla
At the bar
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