Friday, February 05, 2010

Teatro's chef to try out for 'Chefs vs. City'

Teatro's chef to try out for 'Chefs vs. City'

By: Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri
Washington Examiner
02/04/10 9:00 PM EST

Enzo Fargione, of K Street’s Teatro Goldoni, is scheduled to chat with the Food Network on Saturday about appearing on “Chefs vs. City,” a culinary reality show.
Does D.C. have another reality show TV chef in the making? 
Yeas & Nays hears the Food Network is scouting our city this weekend for culinary talent for its show "Chefs vs. City," and Teatro Goldoni's executive chef Enzo Fargione has decided to put his name in the hat.

"After 23 years in Washington, for me, I think I know Washington very well and I know where all the best food is," Fargione told Yeas & Nays.

Fargione described the show as a mix between "Top Chef" and "The Great Race," where a local chef and his or her sous chef is picked to battle against Food Network chefs Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino.

The local chefs get home court advantage.

"You need to know the city -- for instance, Washington -- where to buy Asian products, or the organic market, where would you buy the best meat? Maybe you would go to the Eastern Market in Capitol Hill," Fargione explained.

"You need to know where to buy specific products in order to put out the best possible menu together, and then of course there is the challenge to prepare the menu."

Fargione became the popular K Street eatery's top chef in spring 2008, and while the Torino, Italy, native has appeared on local TV, he never has auditioned for a reality show before.

"I think it's a really good door to open to the Food Network, and they would very likely keep me in mind for future projects," he said, revealing that the interview is scheduled for Saturday.

The Food Network show has filmed in New York and New Orleans, but not yet D.C.
Producers for "Top Chef," another cooking reality show, recruited in the District in October. Fargione said he thought a handful of other local chefs would be interviewing to be on "Chefs vs. City" as well.