Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hollywood Freaks and Geeks

FREAKY: For anyone who follows political and cultural shenanigans might think that MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist was talking about Washington in his book, “American Freak Show,” but he’s not.   He’s talking about the other freak show: , , , , , “Blago” and .

“American Freak Show – well, we live in it everyday. We may not know it, but we’re all unwitting participants – actors, extras – walking in the background of the freak show,” said Geist at a powerful A-list book party at the home of and .

“One year ago, you didn’t know who was. Now it feels like she’s part of the family. perfectly represents the American Freak show: talent no longer requisite to become famous. Just have a little attitude, stuff yourself in your dress, get drunk on TV and you’ve got yourself a career,” he added.
On the even younger generation he says “I try to stay away from attacking teenagers, if possible, but in the second volume of ‘American Freak Show,’ I’m coming after .  He’s corrupting the tweens of this country.”

Guests included , Pat and , , , and Karen Finney.