Friday, August 12, 2011

Looking for a Laugh

by contributor Brendan Kownacki
Chuckles were abound as Washingtonians anxiously descended onto Riot Act, Penn Quarter’s new cave sized Comedy Theater. Members of the media, locals and a special crop of invitees from the new mobile app Venga flocked to the laugh chamber to add some spice to stereotypically stiff DC culture.

Housing two bars and a giant echoing stage, the comedy club is primed to bring both amateur and professional jokesters into town to entertain crowds. Opening week will feature comedian Charles Fleischer, known best perhaps for being the voice of Roger Rabbit, and Todd Rexx, who has appeared on both The Tonight Show and Def Comedy Jam All Stars.

Time will tell just how much the buttoned up K street crowd will respond to the new venue and if the theater can draw crowds away from the famed DC Improv, but one thing is for sure—Washingtonians are clamoring for something to laugh at and take their mind off of political discourse and the debt crisis.

One passerby shared his favorite joke:

“Two penguins are sitting on an iceflow and one says to the other, ‘it looks like you’re wearing a tuxedo’ and the other responded ‘how do you know I’m not?’”

Take it from us though…let’s leave the humor to the guys on stage. 

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