Saturday, December 17, 2011

A twofer for One Lounge

Seth and the Svedka girls
by contributor Brendan Kownacki
Photo credit:  Dave Phillipich

It was a packed house of well-wishers when One Lounge blew out the candles for its second year anniversary.  Co-owners Niko Papademetriou and Seth McClelland owned the door to the hotspot while simultaneously raising money and gathering toys to donate to the Washington Children's Hospital.
Natasha Barrett  Jummy Olabanji  Cynne Simpson Britt McHenry
Kate Michael  Kadrieka Maiden  Becky Lee

Supporters included ABC 7's  Pamela Brown and Britt McHenry, with support from media colleagues Alison Starling, Cynne Simpson, Natasah Barrett and Jummy Olabanji;  Comcast SportsNet's Ivan Carter, NBC 4's Eun YangDoug  Kammerer and Dan Hellie; FOX 5's Dave Feldman, WPGC's Sunni in the City and BET's Angel Elliot. 

Niko Papademetriou and Seth McClelland

Guests sipped Moet Chandon, Svedka cocktails and Makers Mark set to the soundtrack of tunes from DJs and a live jazz act; The Pete Muldoon Band.

The north Dupont based lounge kept party-goers dancing until ONE turned TWO.