Saturday, July 09, 2011

Below the Beltway: Behind the scenes of Washington Politics

Private screening at L2
by contributor Marana Moore

Guests attending the private sneak preview of “Below the Beltway” -  a new DC insider film hosted by John Hanshaw of The Washington Film Institute - enjoyed the sophisticated environment and solicitous service of L2 located in Cady’s Alley in Georgetown. 

It was an intimate gathering for students, film buffs, socialites and media and a chance to ask the film's producer Jim Wareck (a 10 year politico vet) and director Claudia Myers to go through the process of making the film.  

During the Q and A, guests got unscripted responses straight from the creators of the snarky satire shot here in DC and which is currently available on the Movie Channel and Showtime.

When asked about the challenges and inspiration behind bringing the film to life, Wareck laughed and said that after 10 years here in DC and on The Hill he knew he had to make this film, whatever the odds and whatever the cost…“even if I had to do it with sock puppets”. 

The plot centers around a disgraced lobbyist trying to manipulate information in order to get back into his former power position, played by Tate Donovan (of The O.C.).  

While purposely striving to be “A-political” (if that is possible with such subject matter), the witty, tongue-in-cheek repartee and dizzying plot twists as reporters, lobbyists, and politicians try to suppress, spin, or capitalize on a scandal offers a revealing look at what life in DC’s political fast lane is really like.

The result of his dedication and determination speak for themselves.  The movie struck that wonderful balance between satire and truth—as delicately nuanced as the glass of Riesling we enjoyed along with it.