Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finding out What’s In Style with GQ

Michael Yo from E! News

by contributor Brendan Kownacki

Style was the name of the game when GQ Magazine’s resident “style guy” Glenn O’Brien stopped at Georgetown eatery Neyla late last week to fete his new book How to Be a Man.

Co-hosts Robert Finfer and Michael Yo of E! News warmed up the crowd as O’Brien mingled around discussing the book and espousing some of his classic sartorial wisdom. 

O’Brien, who attended Georgetown University, shared that he “loves D.C.” even if he doesn’t get into the city much—but this was the simple and elegant approach O’Brien seemed to offer to most questions posed to him.
Author Glenn O'Brien
Preferring a black ballpoint to a marker as he worked the room and signed copies of his latest tome, O’Brien espoused that style is more about effort for a man and not so much about following a certain set of rules, even saying that his own advice is more closely labeled as guidelines.

He was quick to waver though on the sometime stigma that Washington D.C. is ‘Hollywood for ugly people’—offering that he wouldn’t necessarily agree, but then countering with the claim that, “the two hottest girls you went to high school with, one moved to New York, and one to LA, the 5th hottest girl, she moved to D.C.” 

He did offer though that men in Washington could be more “adventurous” when it comes to their fashion choices, and that wearing a suit every day does not preclude being fashionable.