Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lessons on Angklung… And World Harmony

The Ambassador of Indonesia
by contributor Marana Moore

Washington notables, executives and media personalities oohed, ahhed and laughed while making beautiful music together on Angklungs.  Each instrument resonates in only one single note—but together, the group created (almost) perfect harmony at the stunning residence of Ambassador Dr. Dino Patti Djalal.

Learning to play the Angklung
Guests were handed the traditional bamboo instruments while enjoying fragrant Indonesian dishes, music and hospitality in celebration of the upcoming 2011 Indonesian Festival on July 9th on the grounds of The Washington Monument.

Paxton K. Baker, Executive VP and General Manager of BET, kicked off the celebration by announcing that the affair would be MC’d by Cynne Simpson of Channel 7, WJLA.  We caught up with Cynne after her speech who said she was “incredibly excited” to be a part of such a positive event promoting cultural harmony.   

Rosa Djalal
Rosa Djalal will host an Indonesian ladies tea and traditional dance on July 5th--including yet another private Angklung practice session leading up to the big day.

Sadly, the Angklung Maestro told us that if we wanted our own Angklung we would have to wait until the 9th—and to be sure to bring “at least 8 friends”, since you can never play a song with just one note alone.  Too true, Maestro.  Perhaps one day the world may yet learn to sing along.