Friday, November 11, 2011

Civility 101

Civility Tips from from George

We're happy to report that civil political discourse is indeed alive and well in D.C.   If you want to know how that works, take a look at DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse and RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer who hosted the bi partisan event:"Flacks for Flacks Who Wear Flak Jackets" at popular political watering hole Bullfeathers.

The guest list is too long to include here, but let's just say it covered the alphabet threefold: Reid Wilson, Hotline/National Journal, Chuck Todd, NBC News, Ron Kessler, Newsmax, Rick Klein, ABC News, Luke Russert, NBC News, Shannon Bream, Fox News, Betsy Fischer, NBC News, Chris Donovan, NBC News, George Stephanopoulos, ABC News, Dana Milbank, Washington Post, Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard, Bryan Bender, The Boston Globe, Ruth Marcus, Washington Post, Susan Page, USA Today YADDA YADDA
In between crab cakes and sliders, guests donated gifts Benefiting Military Public Affairs Officers serving in Afghanistan that included Darts and Board, Wii Rock Band Set Up and Games, K-cups for the coffee machine and holiday lights and decorations.

If you still need some help on your manners and heated hyperbole, we're here to helpGeorge Washington, sometime before the age of 16, transcribed Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation.

The scene: