Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fight Night 2011: Round #1

'Buster' Douglas holds court
Fight Night was a bitter sweet reunion for the boxing legends who threw their hats in the ring to raise money for one of Washington's main events: Fight for Children.  The non-profit founded by Joe Robert brings together the heavyweights from all walks of life, most notably the boxing champs themselves.  This year, long time attendee Smokin' Joe Frazier was sorely missed.

Cities, the popular K Street corridor hot spot, hosted a rowdy bunch getting psyched for the real deal the following night.  

Buffer and Brotman ham it up.
Charlie Brotman, who has been an announcer at presidential inaugurations since 1957 and is known as the man behind the mic, was in rare form hamming it up with ring announcer Michael Buffer.

To steal a phrase from Buffer: "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!"