Sunday, January 29, 2012

Al-fal-fa is a noun.......

Alfalfa of The Little Rascals

According to Webster's dictionary, alfalfa is a noun: a deep-rooted leguminous perennial plant (Medicago sativa) of southwestern Asia that is widely grown for hay and forage AND fodder. 

We think the fodder part explains it all.

In Washington, Alfalfa means The Alfalfa Club, an organization that exists only to hold an annual banquet on the last Saturday of every January.  The Alfalfa Club defines alfalfa as the plant's supposed willingness to do anything for a drink.  Ok, now we get it.

Comprised of a limited membership of about 200, the President is generally asked to speak at the exclusive dinner and President Obama obliged.  

Photo credit: dcist

This year's dinner was held at The Capital Hilton which was surrounded by Occupy DC.  Occupy is defined by Webster's as to take up a place or extent in space or to take or hold possession.  And that they did, but the band played on.

Leaks from the off the record dinner:

“It is great to see Jeb Bush, who is accepting a nomination for President tonight,” (Obama)  “I have to say, though, it’s not fair to tease your friends like that.” 

“Speaker Boehner, it is good to see you at the head table. I know how badly Eric Cantor wanted your seat.”   “But John, I want you to know:  I am eager to work with members of Congress to be entertaining tonight.  But if Congress is unwilling to cooperate, I will be funny without them.”