Monday, January 02, 2012

Tic Tock...Tic Tock......Bring it on 2012

Hudson hosts Meredith Fineman (center), Matt and Andrew Friedson, Morgan Greenhouse, Julie Polinger

by contributor Brendan Kownacki 

As one more year ticked by on the calendar, downtown hot spots Lincoln and Hudson took a look back to ring in 2012.  Both spots opted for a retro approach to celebrating; Lincoln hosting a ‘roaring 20s’ theme and Hudson decked out in Mad Men chic for party-goers.

Ladies of Mad Man Bash

Gourmet bites moved around each party along with a collection of festive cocktails to accompany  each theme, including a mint fizz and bikini martini for the Mad Men, and a fresh infused cider for the 20’s bash. And of course there was champagne.....of course there was.....lots and lots of champagne. 

Maggie O'Neil and Tommy McFly

DJ Eskay kept the crowd at Hudson on their toes through the night, and David Akers and the Epitome kept the guests at Lincoln jiving long past midnight with their signature sound.

Though it is almost assured that more resolutions were broken than made by the end of these bashes—what a way to ring in 2012.