Friday, January 27, 2012

Button up and pass on the sick days........

by contributor Brendan Kownacki
Photos by Neshan Naltchayan

Thankfully it wasn’t ‘all work and no play’ when a bustling crowd gathered Thursday for the annual Washington Business Journal Book of Lists Celebration.

Publisher Alex Orfinger was on hand to welcome guests including Mayor Vincent Gray as they toasted the 30th anniversary of the paper’s premiere yearly ranking guide. 

The book of lists which celebrates local businesses is an annual tradition for the journal and business leaders from every industry were on hand to raise a glass.

The night was also used as a chance to announce the winners of WBJ’s “Best in Business” honors, which featured categories such as ‘Most Influential’ ‘Best Marketer’ and ‘Best Young CEO’. 

The evening featured flowing drinks and made to order food from a pop-up restaurant sponsored by Ridgewells. Guests networked and socialized not only in-person, but virtually thanks to real-time twitter and photo streams being broadcast around the National Building Museum on large monitors.

The buttoned-up business crowd kept the energetic soiree going into the late evening—but not too late. Everyone did have work the next day after all, and you don’t make the Book of Lists because you’re fond of sick days.

Watch the video here: