Sunday, April 15, 2012

If you play, you PAY!

Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia

Don’t mess with the “oldest profession in the world,” but if you do, pay up.

You play, you pay.  Snooze, you lose.

“That is how it all got started,” Ron Kessler, author of “Secrets of the FBI”, told us - referring to the recent kerfuffle that took place in Columbia.

According to reports, a group of Secret Service agents and officers who were sent ahead of President Barack Obama's trip to Cartagena for the Sixth Summit of the Americas were relieved of duty amid allegations of misconduct that involved prostitution.  While prostitution is legal in Columbia, stiffing the prostitute is probably not.

It takes a lot of gall to solicit, not pay, and do so in a place where reporters were also reported to be holed up.  Imagine if you will, women banging on doors demanding payment for their services and contacting authorities when stiffed.......doesn't sit well all around.

"No legalities were violated, but ethics are the most basic qualifications for the job," Kessler explained.  "these incidents open us to compromise and puts foreign intelligence in their pocket."

Kessler has written about corner cutting and a lax of management within the Secret Service in his book:  "In the President's Secret Service, and calls this incident "the biggest scandal in Secret Service history." 

Michaele Salahi at The White House

We asked Kessler how he gets his sources.  "When you have done a credible book, you have all your sources," he explained.  And that credibility went up a notch when he unveiled the 3rd intruder (Carlos Allen) at a state dinner which was also crashed by the Salahis in an infamous incident.  It was an embarrassment and a breach of security for which Kessler thinks the director should have been fired.

Stay tuned..........