Monday, April 16, 2012

What to do with an empanada......

DC Empanada Food Truck
Photo credit: Patrick Frank  

The name empanada originates from the Spanish verb empanar which means to wrap or coat in bread and fill with fish, chicken or meat - a portable and hearty meal for working people, essentially a stuffed pastry.  

Usually found in Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Philippines, today they could be found on the streets of Washington - on Capitol Hill ( South Capitol Metro Station) and Farragut Square to be exact - compliments of Human Events and DC Empanada Food Truck.

Cathy Taylor chats up Elizabeth Setterlin

Empanada picnic in the park.
In conjunction with the re launch of the newspaper, the food trucks gave away coffee, breakfast and lunch  - we're assuming the filling was stuffed with meat, to emphasize their beefed up content and editorial horsepower. 

Editorial Director Cathy Taylor and Joe Guerriero

"I couldn't think of a better way to re-launch HE than by serving empanadas.  Substance and spice just like HE!," said Eagle Group VP and Group Publisher Joe Guerriero.