Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pigging out........

Liz Sara, Chef Scot Harlan (R)

Photo credit:  Neshan H. Naltchayan

Guests at the opening of Green Pig Bistro in Arlington, Clarendon's newest eatery, hammed it up with salt and vinegar pork rinds to go, crafted vittles, classic libations and Blue Grass. 
"It's the kind of fare that can only be described as a gastric orgasm.  Bacon burger is so good, when my thighs rub together tomorrow I won't care because I'll still be love drunk on peanut butter filled donuts. Absolutely heavenly!" said Kimberly Robinson.  Oh my.....
Charlie Harlan, Chef Scot Harlan, Chef de cuisine Will Sullivan
"If only the world was made up of fried pimento balls and sliders loaded with bacon, it would be a better place.  Until then, thank goodness there's the Green Pig Bistro.  We loved everything, from the pig tacos to the upside down key lime pie.  Counting the days to the next visit. " added Judy Plavnick Kiley
"Excellent dinner last night. The pork shank and belly with grits and greens were all incredible! Will be back for sure." Will Pettit  
"Holy hell y'all HAVE to get the meat loaf." Jared J-Rod Henry.
"Corned ox heart ruben kills it! " Ryan Witt
The 110 seat Bistro was designed by Facciuto Mele and features an 18 seat communal table and lots and lots of colorful Le Creuset.  Owner Scot Harlan serves everything from upside down key lime pie to nose-to-tail cuts, whatever that means.  Actually we didn't want to know.
"Loved the brothers Scotty and Charlie working together for a purpose....butchering.  Learned a lot about beef tonight.  You have to go, ask for server Ben." Leslie Valtin
"OMG!!!" Lisa Amore
"I loved the layout and decor, especially open kitchen and the community table.  I'm still in a bit of a food coma from all of the good eats."  Deb Fiscella
"Green Pig Bistro has a fresh take on some perhaps 'unconventional' Southern food items.  Sweetbreads in a sweet chili sauce, 'snails' as they called it, in a creamy garlic sauce with mushrooms and cornbread with syrup were a a few of my favorites.  And the upside down key lime pie - to die for." Katy Nelson 
Guess the only one not having a great time at the opening was the pig.