Thursday, September 22, 2011

"In the Hive" with director Robert Townsend and Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox

Photos and commentary by contributor Megan Podeszwa
Videos and Collage by Janet Donovan

AT+T's Tanya Lombard hosted a special screening of IN THE HIVE with Director Robert Townsend and cast members Vivica Fox, Loretta Devine, and newcomer Jonathan McDaniel.   
Robert Townsend’s movie, In the Hive, tells the story a young gangbanger (Xtra), who tries to get his life on the right track for his family.  After being court ordered to attend Hive Academy, a school for “at risk” boys and originally resenting being there, he sees how his life is being changed for the better.

With the help of Mr. Hollis and Mrs. Ines, based on real life Vivian Saunders who’s story inspired this film, Xtra learns how it feels for someone to care about him and in turn he strives to make a change in his life.  The cast includes Loretta Devine, Michael Clarke Duncan, Vivica Fox and Johnathan McDaniel in his first lead role. 

The Star: Vivica Fox

The Director: Robert Townsend

The Cast: and the real deal Vivian Saunders

The Scene