Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

By contributor Brendan Kownacki

It was a celebration fit for a king on Thursday evening when Virgin Atlantic rolled out the red carpet at Lincoln restaurant to celebrate 15 years of service in the DC area.

The long time connection between Dulles airport and London's Heathrow has been a fantastic venture for the airline and provided a critical international link to the DC.   Senior Vice President of Virgin for North America, Chris Rossi, said “In the service industry its about your people, and we have the best people,” reflecting on the anniversary.  He mentioned that in 15 years the DC flight has served nearly 2 million passengers and has amounted around $315 million in local revenue for the DC area. 

Solange Knowles and Chef
Celebrity DJ Solange Knowles (little sister to Beyonce) jump started the lively crowd on hand for the British themed celebration that included English themed cocktails and appetizers. Also mingling around the party were a number of reps from the airline in the signature red flight attendant uniform, and as Rossi pointed out, they weren’t promotional models, but actual long time flight attendants with the airline.

For Virgin, this anniversary is just another milestone with many more to come as it helps Washingtonians cross the pond.