Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jazzing it up on Tuesdays..

Lena Seikaly
"Last night, I went to go see a group called The Pete Muldoon Band at One Lounge and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm not even a huge jazz guy, but the young lady who sang had a voice I'd only describe as lovely. If you like jazz on Tuesdays, you might want to check them out." The Lunchline with Clinton Yates. (The Washington Post)

Lara Schriffen of GWU Law, Dannia
Hakki of MoKi Media and NBC 4's John Schriffen

 "At One Lounge we always try to do events that we would also like to attend.  As a lover of Jazz, I enjoyed checking out other places but wanted more of an environment where listening and talking are both ideal.  With that in mind, Niko and I decided the do a show with only strings and vocals and leave out horns and drums.  It ended up being perfect and created such an intimate feeling where patrons could enjoy the music and their company simultaneously.  I cant wait for next week!" - One Lounge Co-owner Seth McClelland.  

One Lounge Co-owners Seth McClelland and Niko
One Lounge had their first Sunset Set live jazz kick-off event last night with the Pete Muldoon band. The weekly Tuesday night Jazz sessions were introduced, along with the restaurant's new lunch hours and menu specials earlier this week.

 Photo credit: Dave Phillipich