Monday, May 07, 2012

Au revoir Paree...

John Gizzi in Paris

There are several ways to say goodbye in French, but au revoir is the safest bet.

We don't know how the French are saying goodbye to President Sarkozy, but John Gizzi - veteran White House and Political Editor for Human Events - is saying it the old fashion way as he wraps up his vacation that coincided with the French elections.

The Gizz, as he is fondly called by his colleagues. has been covering French politics for years  and that's not an easy thing to do.....kind of like the map of Paris below - you are never quite sure if you are coming or going.

"un plan du métro"

Right now he's probably having some vin français near the Eiffel Tower and yes, we are jealous.

We delved into some of Gizzi's previous musings on French politics and found this: 

How's Your Political I.Q.?  ........  (that would be French political I.Q.)

1. Nicholas Sarkozy was recently elected president of France at age 53.  Since the Fifth Republic of France was founded in 1958, who has been the only other French president younger than Sarkozy?  

2. The defeat of Sarkozy’s opponent Ségolène Royal was the third straight presidential election defeat suffered by the Socialists?  Who was the last Socialist president of France?

3. As the son of an immigrant, Sarkozy is also the first first-generation Frenchman to be elected president of his country.  From what country did Sarkozy’s father emigrate to France?    


1. Valery Giscard d’Estaing, elected president in 1974 at age 48.
2. Francois Mitterrand, president from 1981-95.
3. Hungary.  

Here is his take today, fresh outta Paris where if he's having Chateaubriand and Pommes Frites with his wine, we'll be really jealous and make sure he gets stopped at customs.