Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everything's Better When it's FRESH!

Adam Lambert

by senior contributor Brendan Kownacki
The house was rocking over the long weekend when the team from 94.7 Fresh FM overtook the Gaylord National Resort for the first annual FRESHtival.  The all day music fest was fun for the whole family and included performances from Scars on 45, Junior Doctor, Erin Willett, and Adam Lambert. 

Scars and Junior Doctor warmed up the crowd, but the heat may have come from the blaring sun that sat above the hoards of people who crowded the National Harbor on the warm summer day. The event engaged listeners from across the market to come out and meet their favorite personalities including Kristie McIntyre, Darik Kristofer and Taylor Shay who kept the crowd on their feet, tossing out t-shirts and prizes and charging them up with each additional act.

Kelly Collis  Adam Lambert  Tommy McFly
Morning show hosts Tommy McFly and Kelly Collis hit the stage to introduce Erin Willett, who recently finished a stint as a finalist on NBC's singing competition, The Voice.  Willett, who hails from Gaithersburg, became an easy favorite to people in the area, not just as a hometown hero but because of her booming, soulful song renditions. The Tommy Show premiered Willett's new single, "Home" earlier this week on the show and she was excited to hit the stage and share it with the crowd. 

Erin Willett
It was hard to argue though that much of the crowd wasn't overflowing with energy for the evening's headliner, Adam Lambert. The self-proclaimed "Glamberts" packed the outside of the hotel and were lined up for hours waiting for the a glimpse of the American Idol runner up who has a signature style that could rival Freddie Mercury. Lambert had the whole crowd screaming as he performed hits from his album, "Trespassing" which just reached number 1.

The crowd bellowed for Lambert and his band and the sun set across the National Harbor to the tunes of his "If I had You" and "Whataya Want From Me" --all capped off by a bright and patriotic fireworks display. 

Certainly a FRESH dose of fun for Memorial Day.