Friday, May 18, 2012

On the road again....

by contributors Brendan Kownacki
and Wendy Gordon

Kababji Grill, Dupont Circle's Lebanese treasure, is expanding their hold in the DC area............but it's not a new store front they are opening.  Instead, their newest venture is a food truck to spread their signature cuisine across the city. 

Here's how they are taking the show on the road:

She says:  Food glorious food.  In a city practically bursting at the seams with new restaurants and traffic, one would expect some kind of merger of these two completely unrelated entities at some point.  Because we can. 

Enter the food truck.  Of course there is no better way to merge petroleum with comestibles than that; and since most of our oil comes from the Middle East, it would make sense that the newest entry into the meals on wheels arena would be Kababji—that fine bastion of Lebanese yumminess.  

On Thursday evening, the feed bag….or shall we say “feed engine” pulled up to the restaurant’s brick and mortar location on Connecticut Avenue just off of Dupont Circle to debut its mobile entry into the moveable feast market.  

Regional music blaring, food pix rotating on its flat screen (yes, there is a flat screen monitor on the side of the truck), guests were treated to take out from Kibbe to  Baba Ghannouj served from the nomadic eatery. 

He said: The Kababji truck will offer menu favorites like hot and cold mezza, rice and pita platters, lamb kebab sandwich, baba ghannouj, chicken and rice platter and more.

The truck, a renovated Air Force truck that hails from Florida, will circle round the city both during the day for lunch, as well as plans to provide late-night eats on weekends for those looking for a hummos fix.  

She said:  So why a food truck?  According to PJ Kern, Kababji’s catering and sales manager, the restaurant was looking to add a quick serve option to its brick and mortar entry into the dining market.  “The street food culture around the world made sense to us,” Kern explained. “plus a traveling entity is a great way to reach out to people.”  

It was interesting to hear that conversely our men and women in uniform, reach out to them as well in the form of parking tickets every two hour or so.  It’s heartening to know neither rain nor snow nor sleet…nor copious amounts of Hummus make that go away.  Um…we feel your pain, PJ.  

Don’t tell the DC Parking Authority, but we know where the truck will be from Monday-Friday during lunch.  Yeah…that’s the ticket (pun intended)!

He said:  Those looking to locate the kitchen on wheels can track upcoming locations for the fresh food by following the truck on Twitter at @KababjiTruck.

Check in on the planned locales for the truck thus far.

With so many more options available on the go, it's getting harder to decide to head inside to a restaurant on these warm summer days........but that's not necessarily a bad thing.