Saturday, May 05, 2012

The secret service not in the picture.....

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Prince Harry has been awarded the Atlantic Council’s 2012 Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership in recognition of his charitable and humanitarian work supporting servicemen and women.......and will be in town on Monday to receive the award at the Annual Dinner.  So, who's watching over Harry?


Well, it won't be The Secret Service. 

"The Secret Service protects visiting heads of state, so Prince Harry would not qualify for protection," Ronald Kessler, author of  In the President's Secret Service, told us, "but he will be protected by the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, as well as by a British protective detail."

Pippa Middelton and Prince Harry at The Royal Wedding  Photo credit: Ikon Pictures, PacificCoast

Security - check.  Protocol, perhaps a bit more confusing.

"Protocol wise, his full title is His Royal Highness Prince Harry, abbreviated as HRH Prince Harry; his full name is Henry Charles Albert David Windsor; he's a captain in the Blues and Royals, a cavalry regiment that provides an escort for the Queen on ceremonial occasions," prolific author and journalist Roland Flamini told us.

"He's done duty in Afghanistan -- until the media broke a deal with Buckingham Palace that they would keep his presence there a secret. Then he was yanked out; but he keeps asking to go back.

All the so-called "ceremonial" British military units i.e., those whose main responsibility is protecting the person of the Queen, and doing guard duty at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, etc., also go on active duty. Harry commands a light tank.

He is third in llne to the British throne, after his father Prince Charles, and his elder brother William. In royal slang he is sometimes called "the spare," because ideally princesses married into the line of succession are expected to produce "an heir and a spare." Like all the royal grandchildren he refers to Queen Elizabeth II as granny. 

Their given names are all historically "royal" names -- there were eight King Henrys, two kings names Charles; Albert was the husband of Wills' great-great-great-great-great grandmother Queen Victoria (I may have one "great" too many); and David -- interestingly -- was the birth name of King Edward VIII (aka the Duke of Windsor), who abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. In the unlikely event that he should have to step in as king, he can choose whatever name he likes.

He is not very protocol minded, and tends to get into scrapes, as when a few years ago he wore a Nazi-era uniform to a fancy dress party," said Flamini.  Flamini is the author of Sovereign  (Jul 4, 1992)

Prince Harry has chosen to accept the award on behalf of his brother The Duke of Cambridge, and their joint work through The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.  Prince Harry will use the award to pay tribute to British and American veterans’ charities for their achievements in helping to rehabilitate wounded servicemen and women and to reintegrate those who have served in the Armed Forces into civilian life.