Thursday, May 24, 2012

They....We....Are serious...

Ashley Judd

Photo credit: Neshan H. Naltchayan

“For some wonderful and improbable reason, I’ve been given extraordinary access to vulnerable people who shared with me their stories.  The girls and women have this remarkable desire to live, to improve their lives, to achieve their outcomes for themselves and certainly for their families.

And so I really salute tonight’s recipients because they aren’t just benefactors of the girls and women I have met … they are partners with them,” Judd said at The International Center for Research on Women Awards Gala with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on video at The Ritz Carlton.

Kathleen Matthews and Ashley Judd
“And I think that the partnership is an indication of the dignity and respect and value that they naturally confer on girls and women, and see them as agents that have the capacity for self efficacy and to build themselves up from the grassroots level.”

"When the ICRW got its start 35 years ago, the challenges facing women and girls were not very high on anyone’s list of foreign policy priorities, " Hillary Clinton said via a pre-recorded message.  "But, thanks to many of you here tonight, the world is learning that women and girls are not just an issue to deal with on the periphery of more serious policy priorities. 

They…we…are serious.

The challenges we face as a nation – whether building stability and peace around the world, or countering violence or extremism, or promoting democracy and freedom – depend on the full participation of women and girls."