Monday, October 17, 2011

Amateur Chef dishes it out.

Caren and faux chef Barry Glassman

by contributor Donna Shor
Photos by Neshan H. Naltchayan

To his clients, Barry Glassman is their financial manager, (Glassman Wealth Services); but they also know him as a wine-and-food buff, an amateur chef who once each year takes over a restaurant kitchen, producing a sumptuous dinner pro chefs could envy.

Barry does this to raise funds for a cause he believes in, the Brain Tumor Society, where he serves on the board.  Saturday night 150 of his clients and friends, again turned out for the event. One of these was Bonnie Feldman, who founded the Society after she lost her son to the disease.

For the last few years Chef Night has been held at Teatro Goldoni, but this year it took place at Cities, both owned by Michael Kosmides which he kept exclusively for the group that evening... (Closing a restaurant on a lucrative Saturday night—ouch.)

After hors d’oeuvres of Gravlax salmon blinis, Red Snapper Crostini and Yucca Gnocchi, the starter at the table was Burrata—buttery—Mozzarella, a silky treat with roasted sweet peppers and olives. The entrees followed, first Grouper poached in Champagne, then a country-style pork Terrine, concluding with melt-in-your mouth beef in cherry sauce.

As for the wines served, they were worthy of the dishes. The wines bid on during the silent auction included a share of $1,000 bottles, thanks to donations from several of the guests and Schneider's of Capital Hill.

We won’t even describe the four magnificent desserts; you would hate everyone who showed up.

Watch the video here: