Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Dee:Top Dog In Town

by contributor Brendan Kownacki

It was a night truly for the dogs as pups from across the region gathered to bark, bow and show off to see which would be chosen as the Top Dog to represent the Residence Inn Capital View.  FRESH FM Morning Show Host Tommy McFly kept the evening moving as host with a panel of judges that included Fox 5 Anchor Steve Chenevey, Dr. Katy Nelson and Bark Busters Trainer Lee Trimble.

The idea came about “while stuck in traffic,” said Denise Durgin, Director of Sales & Marketing for Renaissance Arlington Capital View. She described how traveling guests at the (pet friendly) hotel have amazing bonds with their animals and this is why they take them places, so why not look at the perspective of the animal and everything it would encounter when traveling.

“We wanted to Create a personality integrated with the community,” Durgin added, describing how the newly crowned mascot will gain an identity online to talk about experiences within the hotel and just what it is like to be a pet ambassador for any other traveling animals.

The competing dogs were placed through a series of pageantry tests - walking, jumping and of course proving obedience since they will be dealing with guests. Trotting around the room for a moment of doggie spotlight, the animals were treated to cookies and even a special bar of assorted waters and dog-friendly beer to quench their thirst.

 “We want it to be a like a personal Clifford the Big Red Dog [to share stories and anecdotes to travelers]” said Dorgin just before the top dog, a perky and curious pug named Sweet Dee was awarded the job. The Top Dog will serve as the hotel mascot and make appearances, receive discounts and will be a guest "blogger" for the hotel through May 31st, 2012.

What’s the dog translation for congratulations? Bow wow to you Sweet Dee.