Thursday, October 20, 2011

"One Revolution": A journey of courage inspiring hope.

Chris Waddell

 by contributor Megan Podeszwa

“One Revolution” is a story about a man, Chris Waddell, a paraplegic who broke his back in a skiing accident and subsequent journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro without being pushed pulled, or carried.   The film was shown Wednesday night at the Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University with Chris present. 
The film depicts his journey from when he decided he wanted to make the climb, all the way to the summit of the mountain.  He makes it to the top with the help of a hand cycle, equipped with a winch system to help him over steep and rugged terrain.  He also has the help of a great support system, encouraging him ever step of the way.  With only a few setbacks he was able to successfully make it up the mountain with help from others for only about 100 feet on impossibly rocky terrain. 

“The idea is that we are trying to change the way the world sees people with disabilities by highlighting our universal struggle.  No matter who we are we have our mountains.  Sometimes the more visible ones are easier to deal with than the invisible ones.  Sometimes those are the ones that trip us up the most.” Chris said when speaking about this film. 

“One Revolution” inspires everyone, whether they have a disability or not, to follow their dreams and their destinations no matter how hard the struggle. 

Watch the trailer here: