Friday, October 28, 2011

The Black List

The National Portrait Gallery
If you're African America, it's a list you want to be on.

"Historically, “blacklist” denotes a group of people marginalized and denied work or social approval. In an effort to redefine the term, these portraits of 50 African Americans reclaim the term “blacklist” to be affirming, influential and powerful."  National Portrait Gallery 

Debra Lee, CEO of BET

 In her own words on what it means to be a black woman with power:

The Black List Project was conceived by photographer/filmmaker Greenfield-Sanders with Mitchell, NPR correspondent and former New York Times film critic.

 Featured photographs include Angela Davis, John Legend, Michael Lomax, Kara Walker Melvin Van Peebles and Lou Gossett, Jr.

Photo credit: Brendan Kownacki - Lou Gossett, Jr.
An Officer and a Gentleman