Friday, October 28, 2011

Suspicious package found at The Embassy of Denmark

Photo by Wendy Gordon: Tim Burger Christina Sevilla Tom Toles Bryan Greene

by contributor Wendy Gordon

There was a Suspicious Package at the Embassy of Denmark on Wednesday night.  That’s not to say there were FBI agents and bomb sniffing dogs called to the scene.  It was Nordic Food Day, you see.  I know.  You’re now asking yourself “what does Nordic Food Day have to do with Suspicious Packages''?  Simple.

Nordic Food day celebrates the food products of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  This year, The Royal Danish Embassy played host to local journo-super-group Suspicious Package featuring the musical talents of Tim Burger, Josh Meyer, Tom Toles, Bryan Greene and  Christina Sevilla. 

Photo by Wendy Gordon: Suspicious Package

Food and music. How much more basic does it get?  Brilliant pairing.  Ambassador of Denmark Peter Taksoe-Jensen expounded on the need for healthy dining starting from childhood on up.  Their best culinary talent painted a visual picture of their entrĂ©e into local schools noting that they served a variety of national favorites............ON RYE...... garnering responses from the kids from abject love for the deliciousness to “rye bread?  That’s NASTY!”   
Photo credit: Jonathan karl Speckenbach

But the larger picture, as described by all speakers, is the introduction of fresh, seasonal food to the local children as well as the market at large.  But as sandwiches and smorgasbord items may appear a little high end for the requisite kids’ menu, could it perhaps be packed for school in unmarked brown sacks?  

So too, go suspicious packages.  And the crowd was definitely there for that as well as the luscious barbecued ribs and accompanying sides.  Hey—I didn’t say the crowd was not without taste. 

Suspicious Package didn’t fail to entertain.  From covers of Johnny Cash to The Rolling Stones, the crowd bopped away to the sounds of this hometown favorite.  Seriously, where else can you find Pulitzer Prize winning musicians?  I mean, really?  And where else could you witness lobbyists, foreign diplomats and the like cutting a rug with great abandon?  OK…this is DC.  Maybe after hours.  But this was in prime time, in public, and a good time was had by all.  

Photo credit: Jonathan karl Speckenbach
Kudos to you Denmark for being involved in this effort—and for being savvy enough to see the big picture for the future of your products….even if this effort involves Suspicious Packages.

Hungarian-Danish Piano Duo Concert by Izabella Horvath and Ingo Schauser.
Video by Peng Ye here: