Friday, March 09, 2012

Making a splash.....

by contributor Wendy Gordon

Take some cocktails and snacks, mix in artists’ materials, imagination and a canvas or two and what do you have?  No, not a Picasso, Latrec or Gauguin, but maybe a budding one. 

This past Tuesday ArtJamz debuted its first permanent home in Dupont Circle—bring on the berets and let the creative juices flow.

Since hosting its first sessions in June 2010 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Design, ArtJamz has hosted almost 80 pop-up sessions and enabled close to 4,000 people to eat, drink and create.    

The new studio, located on Connecticut Avenue next to Bistrot du Coin, has been built out to suit the ArtJamz experience—a mix of cocktail party and creative workshop.

The 800-square foot lounge/gallery features a cozy “Artist Lounge” for eating and drinking and an open plan ArtJamz Gallery where participants can unleash their inner Van Gogh without having to worry about a potential mess.    

Participants will have 18 different acrylic colors to choose from as well as a dedicated cleaning station and more art tools, brushes, markers, and misc arts and crafts doodads. 

To celebrate the new Dupont Circle home, ArtJamz is presenting inaugural “Launch Sessions” all month long. Tickets are priced at $65 including beer, wine and vitamin water zero, falafel plates, great music, a canvas that you get to paint and keep, unlimited acrylic paints, brushes, art materials, tips from ArtJamz ‘Creative Enablers’ and a chance to socialize with fellow creative spirits. 

A new $45 pay-as-you-go bar option is available as well.   

Although ArtJamz has a permanent home, it will still host pop-up sessions at cool and unique off-site locations.  

ArtJamz was launched in June 2010 by Michael M. Clements when he was up late one night painting, drinking and hanging out with a group of friends instead of going out. He half jokingly said, “Wouldn’t this be great if we could do this at a bar?” Iconic words to be sure.  
The ArtJamz Dupont studio will also host KidsJamz sessions during weekend afternoons and out of the box art classes during the week. March will also see three two-hour KidsJamz Sessions, featuring painting and pizza for children aged 5 to 16.