Friday, March 16, 2012

Global tour-de-taste

Lauren DeSantis

by contributor Brendan Kownacki

It was a global tour-de-taste on Wednesday at the House of Sweden when the doors opened to celebrate the latest on-air adventures of Lauren DeSantis, host of WETA's "Capital Cooking". 

DeSantis recently returned from a culinary tour of Sweden's most delicious cities where she got a chance to experience what she describes as the "New Nordic" style of cooking.  DeSantis shared that fresh ingredients, especially seafood, are the backbone in any Swedish kitchen. 

Guests of the soiree were treated to light Swedish inspired bites as clips of Lauren's three-part journey were showcased on nearby screens. Guests also sipped on a spicy cinnamon whiskey called fireball, a popular shot among the Swedish people.   

DeSantis said that "taking what's local and fresh and making it art on a plate" defines the way the Swedes create their cuisine, and that is a lesson she tried to bring back with her after her tasty trip that included stops in Stockholm as well as the island of Grinda. 

To see the first part of the Capital Cooking series, see here, or check out WETA on Friday night at 7pm. 

Capital Cooking's Swedish Adventure: Part 1