Friday, March 30, 2012

That face, that beautiful face.

Brian Maillian Beverly Johnson Courtney Cohen

by Contributor Courtney Cohen

Former ABC producer Courtney Cohen was thrilled to interview Beverly Johnson at Teatro Goldoni where Kimball Stroud (IMPACT Arts & Film Fund) and Michael Kosmides (Teatro proprietor) hosted a dinner in Beverly's honor two days prior to the launch of her new reality show  “Beverly’s Full House" on OWN, The Oprah Network.

Cohen and Johnson's daughter Annansa Simms went to junior high school together.  "There is no question that Simms was related to America's First African Supermodel," she said.  "These two look exactly alike."

Courtney talks to Beverly about the status of the modeling business today, 
love, fashion, friendships and on being a grandmother:

The Guests: