Thursday, February 23, 2012

The fish may be raw, but........

by contributor Brendan Kownacki

The house was packed with media types and VIPs on Wednesday evening as the curtain rose to unveil Fujimar. 

The newly expanded space, which resides above Lima Lounge, is a food fusion concept inspired by the pairing of Asian and Latin flavors. The menu is packed with sushi and seafood dishes, designed as an homage to the Asian immigrants that came to the new world and settled in South America.  

The redesigned menu and spacious buildout comes from owner Masoud Aboughaddaeh and executive chef Raynold Mendizabal. Mendizabal strives to use only the freshest fish in all his culinary creations and said that the quality of ingredients helps to elevate the level of flavors he is able to achieve. The menu also features a variety of new cocktail pairings from mixologist brothers Ari and Micah Wilder.  

The party rocked to quickly break the seals on the new space, with guests dining, drinking and dancing to the eclectic sounds of DJ Natty Rico who simultaneously DJs while blasting away on a saxaphone. 

Certainly it's a more mellow vibe, with the projections of fireplaces and dim red lights, but the energy was palpable as the crowd gather late into the night. The fish might be raw, but there is nothing cold about the reception this new spot has to offer.