Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars....take two....


D.C. maybe Hollywood for Ugly People, but we have opinions too.  Here they are:

"While nothing beats the glitz and glam of the Oscars, I have to say, this year's telecast seemed as dull as the dishwater in Paris Hilton's sink. Too many montages, earplug-inducing audio, lame jokes, stuffy energy - and you know it's bad when the fierce viewer debates from Hollywood's big night include whether or not JLo suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction and if the mysterious substance inside the urn that Sacha Baron Cohen dumped on Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet was, in fact, pancake mix. Here's to Meryl, Octavia, quickie French lessons, Christopher Plummer, Wiig and Rudolph talking "film size," Chris Rock, and a Miss Piggy cameo. Come 2013, how about less pomp and more pizzazz?" Judy Kurtz (The Hill)  

"I think what I learned from this years Oscar is that there are two essential components: great people and social media. Watching the show with some of my favorite friends and then tweeting our thoughts and observations made the whole show so much fun and infinitely more entertaining. Also, Katie Couric told me via twitter that I needed my mouth washed out with soap."  Courtney Cohen (TV producer)  

"I liked Clooney in the Descendants. Hard for a "star" to also be seen as a good actor, but Clooney has been quietly turning in excellent performances for many years.  I loved the Descendants for its humor, its beautiful setting and for the human emotion that the film evoked at some of its most compelling moments."  Matt Makowiack (Potomac Flacks)

"All of us here (seven) loved The Artist but some of us thought Viola Davis should have won best actress!  One of the best production.  They (Oscar producers) really did a slick and quite humorous show this time.  Plus everyone looked pretty good, except Jolie who looked thin.  Plummer basically got the old f..ts award." Myra MacPherson (prolific journalist and author).

"My favorite part was when the two winners announced by Angelina Jolie imitated her self-important stance.  That was gutsy and spot on. To paraphrase Addison DeWitt in All About Eve, "She's too skinny for that gesture."  ... and now that I've lost 40 pounds I can say this without snark.  She needs to put on some weight." the fabulous Judith Czelusniak 

"Gwyneth Paltrow looked great with her new face.  She was exquisitely put together, don't you think?"   JLo and Cameron Diaz looked very good. Tom Cruise's new face makes him look like someone else.  And Billy Crystal should let himself go grey already, I think.  He would look much better. I couldn't understand anything the French winners were saying, but they were very cute." Anonymous.   

"I missed the whole thing, sorry." Tucka

"I never saw The Artist. I know everyone raves about it but I suspect I'd hate it. I usually dislike things that are so excessively raved about. And Midnight in Paris was nominated? That movie sucked. I had to wake my friend up during (that), totally conked out.  I loved The Help - really wanted that to win and for Viola (Davis) to win best actress. SHE was the clear winner, not Streep." Betsy Rothstein (Fishbowl DC)

We tried to get some quotes from Tommy McFly's guests, but they were all asleep.

"The big questions surrounding the 2012 Oscars were:  Was JLo's chest really showing more than she bargained for; on the "And the winner is" cards, did they use phonetic spellings to help presenters; were DC's Ask Miss A &Cheryl Romero in the audience somewhere, was Ray Regan; and is it possible a movie most of us have never seen and none of us will ever hear just win Best Picture!?" Lindsay Mask  (The District Dish)