Monday, February 27, 2012

Seriously, nobody poses like that, unless....

Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin chooses Jaeger-LeCoultre

by contributor Wendy Gordon
Photo credit:  Pascal Le Segretain/WireImage

Unless, of course, the watch is courtesy of Jaeger-LeCoultre.  Hey, we want one, would be happy to strike a pose. 

Lights!  Camera! Action! Or lack thereof.  Sunday was Oscar night—the annual celebration we all anxiously await—not necessarily for the awards, but to see who everyone is wearing on the red carpet so we can blithely speak of their lack of decent couture selection or fabulous finery as the case may be.  

This year’s crop was mostly beautiful, yes, if not a little disappointing…as was the broadcast.  Who doesn’t wait for Billy Crystal’s opening filmatic salvo especially after an eight year absence?    Oh Chris Rock—could you not have spoken just a little longer—YOU were amusing; and Sasha Baron Cohen—thanks for engendering the over/under about the amount of fresh tuxes Ryan Seacrest had in wait for a moment such as that.  Was it just us or was there a resounding yawn heard all around the numerous Oscar parties and in living rooms and dens around the DC Metro area and beyond?

Those of the more tech-savvy Tweeted comments in a volley of the admiring to the snarky—allowing for ‘conversation’ with everyone from Alec Baldwin to Katie Couric—like they were in the same room in an adjacent seat—so much for the brush with greatness. 

We loved Meryl Streep’s humility after 29 years of being the Oscars’ ‘Susan Lucci,’ and Jean Dujardin’s initial Franco-euphoria; we nodded at Woody Allen’s absence—he never shows up; we were touched by Octavia Spencer; we marveled that no one even mentioned ‘Uggie.” 

We were thrilled at the lack of bad production numbers (thank you, Oscar producers for saving us THAT usual waste of a total of about an hour or so); we marveled that Miss Piggy wore a Zac Posen gown we had all seen before, but loved her Fred Leighton accessories.  We adored Christopher Plummer who displayed the old world poise and class one rarely sees any longer.  But let’s face it, folks, ultimately the evening was one prolonged yawn.  Our popcorn was more interesting—at least it had truffle salt.

In twitterville:

Katie Couric had a typo when talking about Miss Piggy on the Oscars, and Tommy McFly tweeted asking if she was drunk...

She responds "Sadly, I am perfectly Sober"

So then he messaged back and asked if she would follow him, and/or go to WH Correspondents dinner with him. 

So she followed him and said goodnight. 

Full disclosure, Oscar viewing was at Tommy McFly's house.

 Well, that's all folks.