Sunday, February 26, 2012

We'll have what he's having....

William Macy

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That would be Jameson we're guessing. 

Jameson was the official spirit at The 27th Independent Spirit Awards and provided Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails, including the Jameson & Ginger.

As a premier sponsor, Jameson Irish Whiskey served specialty cocktails on the red carpet as guests arrived, as well as two signature bars inside the main tent. 

Additionally, they featured spirits in all backstage tents and a bottle of Jameson was placed on each table for attendees to enjoy during the show.  Hmm....we wonder how that worked out.

Film Independent Spirit Awards – Backstage Sponsor Tents

"Direct the car to: Santa Monica Beach at Ocean & Pico, Saturday Afternoon

On the list: Spirit Awards Host Seth Rogen, Jessica Chastain, Kate Beckinsale, William H. Macy, Zoe Saldana, Ed Helms, Anne Heche and more.

Logline: The chatty social hopping within the backstage plot of sponsor tents channels the breezy energy of a polo match, or at least how they look in the glossy pages of a Jason Binn Niche Media title like “Hamptons” or “Ocean Drive.” It’s not uncommon to see Nicole Kidman holding hands with Naomi Watts on their way to sniff out a free mega sized TV.

Smart guest takeaway: On3’s viewing tent (the official presenter gifting lounge) is the anchor. Even those that are swag-allergic always come in for things like the one-year all access movie freebie to AMC Theaters, a hit of Emergen-C, a Tree Hut scrub brewed specially for the ISA’s made from real red rubies, Wella Professionals styling, and a weekend stay at the Ritz-Carlton Central Park in Manhattan.  Splendid info by by Mikey Glazer at TheWrap

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