Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"I won't stand for.....

by contributor Brendan Kownacki

As February wound down Tuesday, the crowds on K Street were asked to be a part of the end of "Characters Unite" month, a program set forth by the USA Network in the month of February to fight against discrimination and hate. 
Farragut Square housed a special photo booth and exhibit where visitors could take photos, create video messages and make t-shirts that read "I won't stand for..." combined with one of the campaigns signature themes.
People in the area swung through to express that they wont stand for Hate/racism/sexism/bullying and a variety of other themes that need to be stamped out of people's personalities. 

The Characters Unite program has been a prominent undertone for the network and its talent in recent months and the pop-up tour has been part of a national series of events to further spread the messages. The network lent some star power to the event including White Collar's Willie Garson, Psych star Tim Omundson and Coby Bell from Burn Notice who were on hand to chat with the press, take photos and promote the good will of the program. 

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