Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hamburger....a hangover cure? Really?

by contributor Wendy Gordon

Sure, there’s the iconic question “which came first…the chicken or the egg?”  In DC, however, it’s more like “which came first…the burger or the cupcake?”  Perhaps those are queries for the ages.  One thing is certain…if you build it—whether sweet or savory, they will come.

Tuesday evening ushered in the opening of DC’s newest entry into the burger market, as Black and Orange opened its second location at 1931 14th Street.  Chef Raynold Mendizabal’s burgers, built with seasonal ingredients that incorporate a variety of flavors from the inside out, ranging from an Asian-inspired Now and Zen, flavored with soy sauce and ginger, to the Marley-esque No Burger No Cry, which blends Jamaican habanero peppers with ground beef in the ‘jerk’ of burgers, made an appearance in mini form, feeding a packed house of burger aficionados and fans.
Chef Raynold Mendizabal, Owner of Black and Orange, swears his new burger "Hair of the Dog" incorporates all the flavors of a Bloody Mary and is the perfect late night treat for a hangover cure."   His words, not ours.

"Each dog—er, burger—comes topped with Worcestershire mayo. The chef recommends that you order it medium rare. “You want it bloody, man," "you want a bloody Bloody Mary.” he told City Paper's Young & Hungry columnist Chris Shott

"I like bold and aggressive flavors. For our burgers we like to let the ingredients shine. 

There's no reason to wimp out on taste. 

There's no reason to pile lots on top of a burger--we build our tastes from the inside mixing the freshest herbs, spices and vegetables into every patty," he said. 

Black and Orange in the U Street Corridor is Mendizabal's latest invention. The Cuban-born chef was a math and physics researcher before coming to the US in 1995, so rest assured, he knows how to mix and match his ingredients. 

Black and Orange serves up its beefy disks from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. daily and better yet, they deliver.  Come ON, people, We all know that among the best hangover remedies is a burger and fries—add the Bloody Mary touch to it, and it’s the perfect cure for what ails you in one neat little package sandwiched in a bun.  

Where else but our fair city would the opening of a burger joint be a festival that attracts an ‘A’ list of well wishers and is the cause for celebration?  Good thing they have the Hangover Burger—now, not only do we have every reason to throw a cocktail party, we have a post event elixir.

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