Thursday, February 09, 2012

Who needs plane tickets when crystal stemware will do?

Katherine Kennedy

by contributor Brendan Kownacki
Photo credit: Alfredo Flores

It was a global tour de force on Wednesday when beverage titan Moët Hennessy gathered a crowd of mid-day revelers for a wine tour of their luxurious brands at the 2012 Moet Hennessy Winemaker Tour at The Occidental. 

Winemaker Manueal Louzada of Numanthia Wines

Most people know Moët's glamorous flagship offerings such as Veuve Cliquot and Dom Perignon, but the afternoon's offerings gave a broader glimpse at the company's global portfolio. 

Reds and whites from across the globe flowed giving a taste of regions near and far; whether it was the Cabernets of the Napa Valley, the Chardonnays of the Argentinian mountains or the robust fruity flavors of the Spanish countryside. 

Brendan Kownacki, ABC 7's Jummy Olabanji, Katherine Kennedy, 94.7's Tommy Mcfly and Grant Allen

Winemaker Gonzalo Carrasco of Terrazas de Los Andes
Set against the backdrop of DC's iconic Occidental Grill (in the shadow of the White House and the Willard Hotel)--guests sipped, socialized and learned about the subtleties of the global wine industry.  A series of tasting seminars gave guests and upscale education on the flavors that go into each bottle and proper tasting technique.  

The bustling crowd turned to the bottles to distract them from the ominous snow clouds that never seemed to arrive...and after all, everyone knows the perfect lunch in DC comes in a glass...with a side of cultural education...... of course. 

Moet Hennessy USA's Michelle Desrosiers, Cities Seyhan Duru and ABC 7 Anchor Cynne Simpson

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