Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bays Boys...

Photo credits: Courtesy of Da Capo Press

"More than two decades ago, Bay Buchanan was thrown into the world of single parenting. 

Millions know Bay Buchanan as a top political analyst and strategist. Although she has debated national leaders, her toughest negotiations took place with her toddlers. In Bay and Her Boys, Bay offers moms her hard-won wisdom from raising three spirited kids." Da Capo Press

On a very pleasant day in the Clarendon area of Arlington, we interviewed Bay at a rather unusual and noisy city sidewalk cafe as a last resort due to a dusk up in scheduling.  At first, the thought was to obliterate the background sounds which are quite dreadful at times, but on second thought didn't.  It's kind of like single parenting............keeping your eye on the ball despite the surrounding distractions.  Rule #1: You’re a Single Mom—Take Charge

Bay Buchanan

You may notice that neither the interviewer nor the interviewee (both single parents) batted an eye during the interview, just accepted the circumstances - which included buses, motorcycles, planes and pedestrians - and moved on.  And no, we didn't order gyros, pizza or subs.

As Bay so aptly puts it, it doesn't matter if dinner is fish sticks and fries or Chateaubriand, as long as you are there and keep your eye on the important things in life.

In her book, "Bay and Her Boys: Unexpected Lessons I learned as a (Single) Mom", she offers up the mistakes she made, rules that worked and outlines them for the reader.  

Bays Boys

She also wants to "change the national dialogue about single moms with a shot across the bow of both conservatives and liberals."

The book is considered the first step by a prominent conservative to be there for all mothers: standing with them, inspiring them, and arming them with tools that will help their kids succeed in life.

In her own words, despite distractions: