Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Men of Destiny.

Bob Merry - prolific author, newsman, publishing executive and everyone's favorite renaissance man  - was the guest of honor at a book party at the home of Reamy Ancarrow and her husband Michael Forscey. 

Ron Elving  Johanna Merry  Mark Shields

Seen in the mostly media crowd was Keith White, Executive Vice President & Managing Director for CQ/Roll Call; Mike Riley, Managing Editor of Bloomberg Government; Judy Woodruff, broadcast journalist of PBS Newshour with husband Al Hunt, Executive Washington Editor for Bloomberg News and Mark Shields, political columnist and commentator.  Merry is also Editor of The National Interest.

Merry never fails to fascinate with his oft unusual subject matter. In his latest book, Where They Stand, he explores the presidency by comparing the judgments of historians with how the voters saw things.  Was the president reelected? If so, did his party hold office in the next election? "Men of Destiny" as he calls them.

Mike Riley   Beth Bronder  Len Apcar
"This voyage through our history provides a probing and provocative analysis of how presidential politics works and how the country sets its course. Where They Stand invites readers to pitch their opinions against the voters of old, the historians, the pollsters—and against the author himself. In this year of raucous presidential politics, Where They Stand will provide a context for the unfolding campaign drama." Simon and Shuster

“There is no better guide for evaluating our current presidential candidates than this remarkable book. Reporters, commentators and citizens alike should read Robert Merry’s illuminating journey into the past to discover what made our previous presidents succeed or fail. The history is lively; the writing is graceful; the analysis is brilliant.”—Doris Kearns Goodwin

And yes, there's a kindle edition. 

In his own words:

On the heels of an upcoming election, here's an interesting perspective: