Friday, June 29, 2012

The flavors of Tevatinis.

Debra Barrett and CEO Bill Marth

by contributor Donna Shor
Photo credit: Brendan Kownacki

TEVA Hosts a Magical Triple-Feature Benefit

Bill Marth, the president and CEO of Teva Americas, told party-goers their attendance  at Andrew Mellon Auditorium would again help support almost 93,000 of the Washington area’s sick and needy through the Teva-hosted benefit for Unity Health Care.

He presented a poster-sized “check” for $175,000 to Vincent Keane, Unity Health Care’s president and CEO. Keane emphasized how important the half a million dollars Teva has raised over the past four years are for Unity Health Care.

The dollars count: Unity runs 19 shelters in the area, has a traveling medical van and provides health care and emotional outreach to those who need it most.
It was a full-circle kind-of evening because Teva, who makes both brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals, is the world’s largest maker of generic drugs: the industry’s answer to the need for proven drugs at lower cost.

The Unity benefit idea originated with Debra Barrett, Teva’s senior vice president for government and public affairs. (She also sported the most glamorous 6-inch heels at the party last night.)  Four years ago, Debra was looking for a way for Teva to give back, and she deemed the company and the charity a perfect fit for each other. She was exactly right.

Guests enjoying the party thought it a grand idea, too.  A lavish cocktail hour with great hors d’ouevres, an excellent dinner, a magic show, and an after-party with music and dancing to Sidney’s orchestra along with special Tevatinis to sip—what’s not to like?

There were two flavors of Tevatinis, one, mixed with a blackberry lemon juice combo named “Generic,” the other with a grapefruit juice base named “Brand.” There was complete equality: both were excellent.

Oz Pearlman
Master of ceremonies for the event was Oz Pearlman, the nationally known magician who had dazzled the Teva party-goers two years prior, back for another big night. Oz, a sports buff, has appeared before some of America’s most famous names. 

What has he done lately? 

Consider this: he won the New Jersey, Hamptons and Westchester marathons, competes in ultra-marathons (events exceeding 50 miles) as well as the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships. 

Additionally, he holds the title for the fastest 50 mile time run in the USA in nearly five years.

Oz, the perfect choice for a health-oriented evening, is one very entertaining, heckofa good magician, too.

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