Friday, June 08, 2012

Mad as Hell....Boycott!

Fox News talk show host Greta van Susteren and syndicated Radio & Current TV host Bill Press are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

So, what are the odd couple so compatibly up in arms about?  The 68th Annual Radio and TV Congressional Correspondents' Dinner, albeit for different reasons.

In happier days with Miss America 2009 at The Ritz Carlton

On the left: (shown above at The Washington Congressional Dinner) Bill Press vowed several years ago never to return to the cavernous Walter E. Washington Convention Center for any reason and since that is where the event is taking place, let's just say he won't be there.

Also, he's in Chicagoland where many of his colleagues can be found at The Clinton Global Initiative's "CGI America", but we think he went there for a fine dining experience. We hear the restaurants in Chicago are superb.  

Factually speaking, he's there for a book signing but took the time to send us this note: "I agree with Greta. This dinner used to be worth going to, but no longer. Bad food, mediocre talent, and miserable location. Boycott!" 

On the Right:  On The Record anchor Greta van Susteren is calling on her colleagues to boycott the dinner also because of the event’s headliner, comedian Louis C.K.'s a pleasant surprise to see the two agreeing on something.......kinda like the Tip O'Neill days sans cigars. 

You can tune into C-SPAN tonight at 9 PM for the live broadcast.