Monday, June 11, 2012

En who showed up?

Wolf Blitzer

Photo credit: Neshan H. Naltchayan

So, who did and didn't show up at The 68th Annual Radio & TV Congressional Correspondents' Dinner  held on Friday, June 8th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center?

With so much controversy surrounding this year's dinner due to comedian Louis C.K. being listed on the roster of hosting duties, Fox News's Greta Van Susteren called on journalists to boycott the dinner because of  sexually explicit remarks that Louis C.K. had made about Sarah Palin and of course for others, there was the location of the event. 

So, we bring you a roundup of the who DID and who DIDN'T show up.

For starters, in the DID column there was CNN's Wolf Blitzer shown above.

WUSA TV 9's Andrea Roane, everyone's favorite TV personality, DID with her husband.

Michael Shehan and Andrea Roane

Talk Radio News Service founder Ellen Ratner DID: "I love this dinner. There is no need to be funny or poke fun at politicians, there is no need for Hollywood. It is a more intimate dinner and this year was the best. You can talk to real people doing real news and making things happen on the Hill. The entertainment was funny, the Howard University was excellent."

NBC4's Angie Goff DID.

Jermaine Paul and Angie Goff
"An upbeat night between the fun drum line and Wayne Brady's take on Prince and Jagger!" said Goff. 

Twitterama courtesy of Betsy Rothstein at fishbowl's morning chatter which means the below mentioned DID.

“Got back to my table, and @michaelpfalcone was using my napkin. Dude…. #RTCADinner” — Retiring Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) at the RTCA dinner Friday night on Falcone, deputy political director for ABC News. McCotter also remarked on Yahoo! News‘s Steve Chaggaris, saying, “Finally met @stevechaggaris – he’s skinnier in person than on TV.” In other RTCA dinner news, WJLA TV reporter Mike Conneen, meanwhile, observed this: “AWKWARD! At @rtcadinner, Steve Kroft accepts award a few ft away from Speaker Boehner for story exposing Congressional insider trading.” Kroft works for CBS’s “60 Minutes.”
DC Examiners Yeas and Nays columnist Nikki Schwab DID.

Nikki Schwab (R)

"This was my first year at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner, but I must say, it was a really fun night. CNN's Jay McMichael, who presided over this year's affair, told everyone he was going to "un-stuff this dinner," and he wasn't joking around. He brought in the Howard Thunder Machine and had growlers of Chocolate City beer on the table, touches that only a cameraman would think of." Nikki Schwab 

Plus everyone in the below collage DID:

DIDN'T: not pictured here because they DIDN'T - On the Record's Greta Van Sustern and Current TV host Bill Press who tells us: " Spiaggia in Chicago: one of best restaurants ever!"

Oh, and comedian Louis C.K - DIDN'T

In the OOPS department, Griff Jenkins (works with Greta) DID.

Griff Jenkins with Angela Melvin, Communications director for Rep. Allen West
If you were a DIDN'T, you can watch it on C-SPAN

Stay tuned for news of next year's dinner!