Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sign of the times.

Sign of the times.

by contributor Wendy Gordon

What could be better than a book debut, racks of fashionable clothing accessories, food, SWAG bags and one of the most beautiful evenings of the year?  Um…nothing??  You got THAT right….even if we had to tell you.

On Tuesday evening, guests flocked to Ginger boutique in Bethesda who played host to a book signing by the effervescent Jill Kargman’s new book “The Rock Star in Seat 3A,”  a contemporary romance novel concerning a few of our favorite things: Rock Stars, ambivalence, passion, independence, angst and lack thereof.  Is this War & Peace?  No.  But seriously....come ON, people. What could be better than all that—especially now that it’s beach reading season?  

With smoky eyes by Stila, goodies including chocolate cupcakes and a 10% or more off sale at the boutique, PLUS the author and book itself, the evening was a winner. 

Without giving away the plot, let’s just say that some folks out there should be careful what they wish for.  ‘Nuf said.  Don’t rely on us, people.  Go be literate and buy the book.  It’s available on Amazon and local bookstores.  Go big tech…download it on Kindle.  All the cool kids are doing it.  The cooler part is those who purchased a book got a fab SWAG bag with everything from Stila cosmetics to butter nail lacquer, thanks to Brandlink—who with their partner hosts certainly know how to treat a guest.

Ms. Kargman was both outside and in, signing copies of the novel, talking with guests, regaling us with how she might be a little too blunt to continuously Tweet (we feel you, Jill).  Ever the genial personality, and let’s face it—looking just so great in her sheer black over blouse and her little peach dress, we felt as though she was more a friend than talented author with a book to sell.  We kind of love you, Jill.  

Thanks for being so cool and giving us yet another reason to go shopping.  Because let’s face it…we really DO need some great duds to represent while reading your book—it’s definitely worth it.   No…you can’t borrow ours.  Go buy your own.