Friday, June 08, 2012

We love a good food fight!

by contributor Wendy Gordon

Taste is a very subjective thing.  Here in the District, we might even question the ratio of that from time to time.  But come October 6-8, Columbus Day weekend, it won’t be in question as Taste of DC, billed as the District’s “premier food event,” will take place from 9th to 14th Street on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 
On Thursday evening, Taste of DC 2012 was ‘launched’ at a party at the organization’s headquarters on New York Avenue.  Over 150 guests were treated to nibbles from the iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl, including half smokes and of course, chili, as well as cakey confections from newcomer “Making Whoopie,” gourmet Whoopie Pies, in all American flavors like peanut butter and s’mores.   Watch out, cupcakes, whoopies are breathing down your cupcake cup neck.  We love a good food fight.  Whoopie!

The festival will once again serve up the area’s best eateries, specialty wines, and craft beer.  It will also be featuring over 50 live musical acts, chef demonstrations from local and national restaurateurs, and  a bevy of “unique experiences” provided by a variety of culinary entities.   

This year’s theme is farm to table, a dining topic seemingly near and dear to our hearts, given the current culinary climate.  The event is free to attend, but it takes tickets to taste--$10 buys you a dozen food and beverage tickets with restaurants offering samples at no more than a four ticket investment.

For those seeking even more cultural enrichment, Taste of DC will also present live musical entertainment—because what’s dinner (or lunch) without a show…right?  For a little mood music to add to the gorging, local bands will be providing the backdrop to the dining promenade. 

We hear Stu Martens ex of The Apprentice is behind this little soiree, so we hope The Donald (and his questionable tresses) is watching. 
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